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Our Current Lead Time is 10-12  weeks. 


Do you have a showroom?

No. We only accept orders online and over the phone.


How do I install my swing bed?

HIRE A LICENSED GC or LICENSED HANDYMAN!! We have a growing list of installers, so if this is a primary concern for you OR you’re a Do It Yourselfer, please email  and we will go over your swing’s installation with you!


Can I hang my swing from 2 points instead of 4?

YES. but keep in mind the weight limit will only be 640lbs when using standard eyebolts at the ceiling. Using 4 points of contact at the ceiling gives you a weight limit of 1280 lbs.


Can I just purchase the swing frame?

YES, several of our swings will hold a standard size mattress. Keep in mind, your kids old crib or twin mattress wasn’t made to live outside…


Will my ceiling support a swing bed?

Just the same as installation, have a general contractor look at your ceiling to evaluate where the joists are located and guarantee structural support. Most ceiling joist are built on 16” centers and will align perfectly with your Swing Bed.


Do you offer wholesale pricing or other incentives?

YES. Bulk orders do not go ahead of our custom orders for clients. The MOQ for wholesale pricing is 10 complete packages. If you have questions, please email


Can you measure onsite?

Yes, depending upon location.

We can also determine the size needed using plans and photos.


What if my ceiling joist don’t line up and it requires support?

Sometimes this happens. External ceiling supports can be added and painted or stained to match your existing ceiling covering.



Do you make custom size swing beds and porch beds?

Yes! Feel free to email any questions to


Do you ship outside of the Continental US?

We can currently ship to the lower 48, Canada, and arrange delivery to the Caribbean.


How much clearance do I need for the swing bed?

We recommend at least 12”-16” of clearance on the sides, including the back.

However, many of our clients work with less as they want to “fill their space.” Still have questions? Email


What wood options do I have?

Our standard priced swings are made from treated, kiln dried Pine unless otherwise specified in the description.

Other options include Cedar, Cypress and Teak.

Swing Dimensions


While each style varies a little, these dimensions should help you in selecting the proper size. "C" may change depending on back selection on some swings.

      Swing Type A" x B" x C"

      Mini - 52" x 28" x 26"

      Crib - 60" x 32" x 27"

      Mid - 67"x 40" x 32"

      Twin - 82" x 44" x 34"

      TwinXL - 87" x 44" x 34"

      Full - 82" x 56" x 34"

      Queen - 87" x 64" x 34

A Little About Wood

*Pine is less expense and looks great when painted or stained. Pine can warp overtime, which is why our frame supports run vertically to the front and rear of the swing.


*Cedar is a durable wood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay, insect attacks, and resists moisture absorption. It tends to last longer, needs less maintenance, and doesn't warp or split as easily. If left bare, cedar will naturally turn grey. It can also be sealed to preserve its natural beauty, or it can be painted/stained.


* Cypress readily accepts paints and stains. However, many homeowners and design professionals select cypress for the appeal of its honey-like hues, which can be maintained with a clear sealer or if not sealed it will weather to a dark grey.

***Sinker cypress is available by special order only, please email for info


*Teak is extremely weather resistant, hard wearing, rot resistant, termite resistant, and almost impervious to the effects of the sun, rain, frost, and snow. Teak is an expensive species and requires maintenance when used outdoors. When left unoiled, overtime it will take on a silver-grey patina.

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