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Kendall Jones Swing Bed Blog

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Some of you have asked about my new hanging bed from Nate and Lane Design Company so I thought I would share a little about it. A friend of mine purchased one and I fell in love with it! For the next couple of days I thought about how wonderful it would be to cozy up with a good book on a cool day, relax and watch the storms roll in, fall asleep staring at the stars, wake up to the beautiful sounds of nature around the ranch, and most importantly, working outside in the evenings on my comfy bed! I mean, what better way to draw inspiration from the beautiful outdoors than to be laying on an outdoor bed?

I looked up their website and read all about them. They kind of fell into business by accident just like I did, thanks to Facebook viral posts! They built a hanging bed, painted it pink, posted it, and the rest is history! I went hunting, fed a village, posted it, and the rest is history! It’s funny how things happen, but we are both very grateful for how things worked out!

Choosing the Bed

When choosing a bed, I knew I wanted the biggest one they had, since I like to have plenty of room to sprawl out with my laptop, files, and dogs. I chose The Lane Bed in a Full size since it was made from sturdy 3.5” x 5.5” Southern pine, and I got the white finish. The wood is treated and sealed to provide maximum protection from the outdoor elements, which is a huge plus in opening up options of where I was going to hang my bed. 

Once the bed was completed, Farra and Eric personally delivered my bed to Texas from Arkansas! They were so nice and helpful! They also brought the hardware to hang the bed. Although there are several options for hanging the bed, I went with a coated cable. Hanging the bed was pretty easy, as they had given detailed instructions on the best way to do so.


For bedding, I went with a 12” bamboo mattress that was on sale at a mattress outlet (SCORE!), and a lightweight washable comforter with plenty of pillows for comfort! You can never have too many pillows, right? I would suggest getting a mattress that is not so tall like mine, but it is SO comfortable, I don’t even care!

I love my new hanging bed and have already spent several nights relaxing and enjoying the calming sounds of the great outdoors on it! Check out to get your new hanging bed or just drop a line to say Hi! They have many design options and beds from crib size to full size to choose from! If you mention this blog from now until end of August 2019, you might even get a good deal ;)

PS, the above picture of my bed isn’t decorated the way I would like it yet. We haven’t had time to go buy any bedding so we just put on some stuff we had at the house.

Please visit my “Newsletter Exclusive Content”? Click the link to read all about it. I have some new fun projects I’ve been working on that I will tell y’all about here pretty soon!

Happy Hunting, and as always, God Bless!


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